RACE Experience

2013 and 2015: Already 3 finisher with MPF mid propulsion system in the worldwide hardest race for e-Bikes.

Eric Morel finished 2015 TheSuntrip race with his DOUZE bike powered by MPF Drive in 3rd position. Eric took only 29 days to finish the 7.800km race! After the race the motor housing was opened to investigate MPF's manufactrung quality - the gears, the oil filling was like new. Exaclty the result that MPF's thousands of customers are proud of.


I can get my service support here

10 reasons for your e-Bike

1. I can feel the tailwind even under headwind conditions
2. I can enjoy bike riding even after a steep monster mountain tour
3. I can get to my date on time without being sweaty
4. I can get much farer as you might guess
5. I don't need to search a parking lot
6. I can improve my fitness daily
7. I don't use my car anymore
8. It widens and sharpens my senses
9. It makes me feel happy



“Honey, I ride my e-Bike and don’t hear any noise from the motor system.” A fully closed box design and the oil lubrication concept make MPF Drive so silent. The system behaves absolutely smooth without vibrations and super silent even at low speed under full power.


High strength steel builds the base of MPF Drive’s robustness. High precise gears transfer power from the pedals and the electric motor to the chain wheel. MPF Drive is designed for robustness, sustainability and durability with the highest ability to resist perturbations that might affect system's function.


“Catch me if you can!” Smile in the face of our e-Bike riders appear when MPF Drive starts to support the rider's wish. Soft, gentle for city commuting or powerful, instant feeling for MTB offroad fun – the system works like a charm.


No plastic for MPF Drive gears - we use only steel gears and environmentally friendly materials. Highest energy efficiency results in long riding range.


Our customers obviously not only use the MPF Drive system during good weather conditions. For this the motor was developed as a closed box design fully sealed - made for real outdoor use.


Small tiny sandy particles are kept outside. MPF Drive riders will enjoy the smooth motor performance even after years of use.

Yes, I CAN

"Yes, I can control my e-Bike only with my legs - amazing!" With MPF Drive's 3 sensor technology your e-Bike performs as a typical bike. MPF Drive controls permanently the force pressure of your legs, your feet cadence and your speed. That information is the base to calculate 6000 times per minute the needed power for the rider to fulfill his actual motor support wish.


A historic moment in 2013: A tough engine for a tough guy!

After 7.800 km and 67 days on his e-Bike Cedric Vinatier - although disabled - arrived Astana the final destination of his trip from France to Kazakhstan. Watch the Video and get impressed.