FAQ Frequent asked questions

What is the meaning of MPF? Matched Performance and Function

Who is MPF? MPF is a venture between the Austrian Sporttech Handels GmbH and the Taiwanese Unique Product & Design Co., Ltd..

Where is MPF DRIVE manufactured? In Taiwan and Germany

Which motor types are available? Normal and coaster brake motor. Both available with speed restriction set to 25kph or 45kph.

What kind of warranty does MPF DRIVE provide? MPF DRIVE issues a warranty for the entire e-Bike System to the bike manufacturer. Please ask your bike dealer for the detailed terms of warranty of the specific bike manufacturer.

Does MPF DRIVE use plastic gears? No

Does MPF DRIVE use a torque sensor? Yes

Which e-Bikes are available with the MPF DRIVE system? Please check the e-Bike page on the MPF DRIVE home page.

Whom to contact in case of problems? Please get in contact with your dealer or with the e-Bike manufacturer. They will support with professional help.

Can I change the software setup of my motor? No.

Where can I buy spare parts? You can buy them at your e-Bike dealer.